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              We have recently moved our web sites to a new hosting company, and as a result, some links may not work properly.  If you encounter any problems, please e-mail Don at, or call him at 585-734-0876 - Thanks for helping us with this transition!

                                                    Name with old and new pictures

                                                                My Lord What A Morning

Our latest figures are all one of a kind! While the basic form remains the same, Cheryl creates a wide variety of hair styles, and a wide variety of colors and decorative elements. Click on image below to see more examples.

My Lord with details

My Lord, what a morning!  

My Lord, what a morning!  

Oh, my Lord, what a morning  

when the stars begin to fall.

One of Louise's favorite spiritual's

New kinetic pieces below are mostly business card sized, but we do make some of them larger.  Below are a few pictures including one custom design. Scroll down for a link to a video, and a picture of one of our larger ones.

Click below for a video of the larger version of these new mechanical pieces.

This list of galleries/retailers who carry our work is always a work in progress, so call or e-mail if you don't find your neighborhood or favorite retailer on the list - also, some of these folks have not ordered in a while, so may not have what you want - call before going to visit.

For a wholesale catalog in PDF format, e-mail Don (click below) and include business name and tax ID number. We always like new customers as long as they aren't "right next door" to a current wholesale customer and if requested to do so, we will add you to the above list of galleries/retailers.

If you don't find a local source, come see us at a show, or here is a link to a PDF file of a retail catalog.

Better yet, click here to go to our Shopify store which will allow you to order directly and securely by credit card.  If the item you want isn't here, or you want different colors, or a custom item, check out the contact info below.

Click here for our Blog including pictures of our Grandchildren -- Maya Louise and CJ (Caesar James) Sams -- along with stories and pictures about our work, and the day to day events that form our lives and inform our art! Sometimes you will see brand new designs on the blog for the first time!

Click on the spinning top for information about having Don share his top collection with your group.

E-mail us here -

Phone #'s

Cheryl 585-734-0652

Don - 585-734-0876

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We are in the process of creating a new "division" of our enterprise.  We will be creating a "new" business to be known as Moving Wood Studio.  Many of Don's mechanical pieces - some more directly related to Louise's Daughter, like the Dancing Balancing Acts, and the Dancer Mini-Mechanicals, and some more distantly related, like dreidels, spinning tops, Rochet Ship Balancing Acts, and the latest - Gear-o-matics, will be included in the Moving Wood Studio line.  A new web site -, will feature many of these newer items that all involve moving wood is some way!  Check back at periodically to see what is new, or just call Don at 585-734-0876 to talk about the latest designs, or have him send you some pictures, and or videos.  We will have to work on videos because these  items all move!

Click here for direct ordering of some itemsTry your local retailer/gallery first or see us at a show – shipping is added to on-line purchases.... UPS rates are pretty high now, so a minimum of $10 shipping – even on small items. If you don't see what you want after clicking the catalog link here or above, call Cheryl at 585-734-0652, or e-mail Don @  We are always creating new items, or you may remember something not shown in the catalog.  No catalog or web site could ever keep up with the many new items, and the variations on current and vintage items.

I'm working on editing this web site.  Items above are newer.  Below this everything works, but has not yet been updated.

New kinetic sculptures move for over 3 minutes with a simple gentle push!

BalancingAct – Praise!

Go here for a video of this piece

Or here for video of new double dancer piece

Designs in the works – Sunflower, Rose, Gregory, Rocket, and more, including a large Praise one that moves for over 5 minutes!

Click here to buy one (or more)


Figures made with wood and recycled men's ties here – If you have some old ties you'd like to get rid of – especially wider ones – we'd love to have them!  Sort of discontinued these days, but inquire if you are intrigued!

Pictures of my spinning top collection, bike ride pictures, and other stuff here.

Click here for pictures and a couple of videos of Don's mechanical art work pieces.

E-mail Don for a current PDF catalog.

Cheryl - 585-734-0652

Don - 585-734-0876

Fax - 585-224-9959

or e-mail Cheryl and Don here

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